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NameŁş Onbon Full Color BX-YQ1-75
Onbon Full  Color  Control Card BX-YQ1-75

Products application
ˇńOn-board 100M Ethernet port, SD cassette and double USB port;
ˇńHardware configuration: Adopt A8 processor/CPU 1GHz, 512MB DRAM/4GB SD card;
ˇńSupport video and audio outputting;
ˇńSupport U/Flash disk/SD card;
ˇńSteady performance, simple installation and operation;
ˇńWidely used on all kinds LED full color display screens and LED Media full color screen cluster systems;
ˇńOn the field of network cluster control and 3G wireless cluster control, synchronous controller cannot compare with it...

ˇńSupport wide sized screens, abundant display functions;
ˇńBest techniques and quality.-40ˇćˇ«80ˇć wide working temperature;
ˇńSupport firmware update online;
ˇńSupport temperature sensor, temperature&humidity sensor and other sensors;
ˇńSupport IR controller;

Technical parameters:
ˇńProduct name              BX-YQ1-75 Multi-Media player
ˇńProducts status           put into the market in March, 2014.
ˇńControl area                256*384
ˇńGray scale                    65536grade
ˇńScreen types                All kinds of LED full color screen
ˇńMemory storage          With 4GByte SD card, support U/flash disk or import the programs to the SD card
ˇńSoftware function        Groups cluster management/multi-program editing/multi-area display/multi-language version
ˇńProgram type               Normal/Shared program
ˇńProgram quantity        Support 512 programs, each program with 8 areas
ˇńArea type                       Graphic/subtitle/video/time/clock/timer/temperature/temperature & humidity/weather forecast
ˇńClock mode                  Dial/in Chinese and English/timer (all support multi-groups)
ˇńCommunication port   Support 100M Ethernet and 3G wireless sending
ˇńInterface                        12nos T75 interface, 24nos RGB data
ˇńSensor supported        Temperature/temperature & humidity
ˇńRemote control             Select program/lock screen/brightness adjustment/power on & off/screen test
ˇńBright regulation           8 grades brightness, support manual and auto-timing adjustment/software adjustment/remote control
ˇńPower on/off                  Support auto-timing power on & off/software power on & off/remote control
ˇńWorking voltage            5V(3.5V-6V wide voltage; we suggest supply power alone to the card)
ˇńMaximum power           ˇÜ4W
ˇńWorking temperature    -40ˇćˇ«80ˇć
ˇńSDK                                support DLL, or part of the protocol
ˇńSoftware                         LedshowYQ 2014
ˇńUser manual                 "LedshowYQ 2014 user manual"1

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