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Name£º Nova Star MRV330Q
LED Display Receiving Card MRV330
¡ñ Product type: General receiving card of displays
¡ñ Pixels supported: 256X226
¡ñ RGB data: 24 group
¡ñ Connected monitoring cards: Not support
¡ñ Lamp panel Flash: Not support
¡ñ Integrated HUB: Integrated HUB75
¡ñ Support pixel level brightness and chromaticity calibration
¡ñ Provide cabinet's temperature, voltage and working condition monitoring
¡ñ Get certifications of EMC, CE and RoHS

MRV330 is the 24 Groups data receiving Card of Nova M3 series which is without HUB, and its function is as follows£º
£¨1£© integrated 12 standard HUB75 connector, without the HUB structure£»
£¨2£© Single card outputs 24-group of RGB data;
£¨3£© Single card support resolution 256x220;
£¨4£© Support configuration file readback;
£¨5£© Support program copy;
£¨6£© Support temperature monitoring;
£¨7£© Support Ethernet cable communication status detection;
£¨8£© Support power supply voltage detection;
£¨9£© Support high gray scale and high refresh rate;
£¨10£© Support pixel by pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration.
£¨11£© Brightness and chromaticity calibration coefficients for each LED;
£¨12£© Support pre-store picture setting;
£¨13£© Comply with EU RoHs standard;
£¨14£© Comply with EU CE-EMC standard;

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