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The solution of advertising display screen:

1、Having a photosensitive control systemit can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen according to the change of indoor and outdoor light. Energy saving and environmental protection, it greatly reduces the operation cost.
2、High refresh rate and high gray to make LED display screen to be more realistic, to meet the business with high visual quality requirements.
3、Advertisement content of LED advertising screen can be changed at any time which show different advertisements for different customers.
4、With double network line heat backup function,the screen can be working normal when two computers control the screen at the same time.Because one computer can be automatic replacement when another computer has problems ,
5、The use of optical fiber transmission system is efficient ,which effectively reduce the signal delay phenomenon caused by far transmission distance and ensure the screen showing consistency.
6、All the information can be used to display by the remote network control. It can easily replace the picture information by using the mouse click operation to realize the city and area of display advertising network cluster
7、Supportting network control function, it enables you to control different display screen from several city at the same place.
8、Equipped with the environmental monitoring system, Let you know whenever and wherever possible operation display panel

9、Equipped with multifunctional card, it can be realized with switching the display timing by the software or manually at any time that the realization of unattended features.

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