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Rental LED display screen solution:
1¡¢With Light, ultra-thin, rapid installation design, you can finish installing or disassembling the led display in a short time£»
2¡¢The signal line can be supporting arbitrary that make the different display cabinet arrangement, display to create different effect picture£»
3¡¢Equipped with professional video processor,supporting AV¡¢DP¡¢VGA¡¢DVI¡¢YPBPR¡¢HDMI¡¢SDI ect signal£»
4¡¢Supporting 256 brightness adjustment and white balance adjustment ,which make different batches led display screen display at the same time£»
5¡¢Good waterproof effect with protection grade IP65, suitable for outdoor rental display£»
6¡¢Equipped with various specifications airline flight case that is convenient for the storage and transportation for display cabinets,which have a very good protection effect for the display screen£»
7¡¢Have a high refresh rate to satisfy the different shooting needs.In this way,it effectively avoids flicker phenomenon when shooting£»

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