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Led Stage Display Screen Solution:

1、Mainly used in the studio site activity such as high-grade entertainment disco, large-scale song and dance show, Fashion conference ect .
2、Applied in the film studio digital stage as a stage background, it is a LED multimedia display system to show color dynamic scene and the illusory effect .
3、The screen has the advantages of simple design, strong compatibility.which is not only convenient installation but also easy to disassembly.It has advantages for low cost for making it and is suitable for large area fabrication stage background .
4、High intensity, high refresh rate: Using 12 bit data processing with high refresh ,it enable LED stage screen performance scene realistic image and abstract image to create a dreamy effect .
5、Equipped with professional audio and video processing system, supporting a variety of signal processing on the stage to make the image signal playback fidelity become possible .
6、With double network line heat backup function,the screen can be working normal when two computers control the screen at the same time.Because one computer can be automatic replacement when another computer has problems .

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