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Name Nova Star MSD300
LED Display Sending Card MSD300
Product Type: LED display sending card
Input resolution: 19201200204811522560960(width and height can be specially defined by customers)
Capacity: 1.3 million pixels. Supply voltage: 5V 
Control method: USB interface.
Video interface: DVI
Audio interface: 3.5mm
Vido format: RGB
Output interface: Double Ethernet port. 
Bit depth of video resource: 8bit
Light sensor interface 1
Nova M3 MSD300 is standard model of Nova sending card. Nova LED Display Sending Card MSD300 has the following characteristics:
1 1 DVI video input;
2 1 audio input;
3 2 Ethernet port output;
4 USB control interface. Can be cascaded for uniform control;
5 Single sending card supports resolution of 12801024, 10241200,
6 1600848, 1920712 or 2048668;
7 1 light sensor interface;

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